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How To Reach Tea Garden

How to Tea Gardens in Darjeeling

Planning a visit to a tea garden offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the serenity of nature and witness the captivating process of tea cultivation. This detailed guide will provide comprehensive information on how to reach a tea garden, including routes, travel modes, distances, travel times, and valuable travel tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

There are about 80 Tea Gardens that you can visit to learn about the tea varieties in Darjeeling. While you visit the Tea Gardens, you will learn about the history of how it all started. Every tea garden in Darjeeling has a story, which seems pleasurable when you sip the tea and listen to it.

Choosing Your Route to Reach Tea Garden

Darjeeling, nestled in the state of West Bengal, is well-connected by air, rail, and road. The most convenient option depends on your origin point, budget, and travel preferences.

By Air:

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport (IXB), located approximately 95 km from Darjeeling.

Connectivity: Regular flights connect Bagdogra to major Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Guwahati.

Onward Journey: Upon arrival at Bagdogra, you can hire taxis or prepaid cabs to reach Darjeeling. The journey takes around 3-4 hours, traversing scenic mountain roads.

By Rail:

Nearest Railway Station: New Jalpaiguri (NJP), a major rail junction around 88 km from Darjeeling.

Connectivity: New Jalpaiguri offers excellent rail connectivity to various Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Onward Journey: From NJP, you have several options to reach Darjeeling:

Shared Taxis/Cabs: These offer a budget-friendly option, but can be crowded.

Private Taxis/Cabs: More comfortable and convenient, but costlier.

By Road:

Road Network: Darjeeling is accessible by road from major cities like Siliguri, Kalimpong, and Gangtok.

Distance and Time: Distances can vary depending on the starting point. The journey from Siliguri is around 100 km (4-5 hours), while Kalimpong is 51 km (2-3 hours) away.

Considerations: Road conditions can be challenging, with steep climbs and winding turns. Factor in potential delays due to traffic or landslides.

Travel Tips:

Booking Flights/Trains: Book your air tickets or train reservations well in advance, especially during peak season (March-May, October-November).

Shared Taxis: If opting for shared taxis, negotiate the fare beforehand.

DHR Bookings: DHR tickets can be booked online or at the station. Seats get filled quickly, so book in advance, especially during holidays.

Road Travel: Consider hiring an experienced driver familiar with the mountain roads.

Unveiling the Tea Trail: Exploring Darjeeling’s Tea Gardens

Once you reach Darjeeling, the real adventure begins! Here’s how to navigate your way to the tea gardens:

Location of Tea Gardens: 

Many tea estates are located on the outskirts of Darjeeling town, nestled amidst the hills. Popular ones include Makaibari Tea Estate, Glenburn Tea Estate, Happy Valley Tea Estate, and Puttabong Tea Estate.

Reaching the Tea Gardens: 

Several options exist:

Taxi/Cab: This is the most convenient option, allowing you to directly reach the estate entrance.

Local Buses: Budget-friendly, but routes might not directly serve all estates.

Walking/Cycling: For the adventurous, some estates are accessible by scenic walks or bicycle rides through the hills (check with the estate for feasibility).

Travel Tips:

  • Contacting Tea Estates: Many tea estates offer factory tours and/or tea tasting sessions. Contact the estate directly to inquire about timings, booking procedures, and any associated fees.
  • Dress Code: Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended, as you might be walking through the gardens. Light rain gear is also a good idea considering the mountain climate.

Don’t miss immersing yourself in the Darjeeling Tea Experience by witness the entire tea-making process, from plucking the leaves to final packaging. Learn about the different types of Darjeeling tea, the meticulous techniques involved, and the factors that contribute to its unique flavor.

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