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Luxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach: Unveiling the Serene Beauty of Neil Island

The best beach on Neil Island is Laxmanpur Beach 1, which is in Laxmanpur hamlet and is excellent for day tours and sightseeing. The beach lies 2.6 km from the jetty and on the western side of the island. It takes less than 15 minutes to get there. The vista of the beach is pretty captivating in and of itself. Tall tropical trees that blend together to form a lush forest line this white-sand beach. The uprooted trees and the lush surroundings create a peaceful and joyful atmosphere. The beach is even more beautiful because of the gorgeous, deep blue ocean. However, the moderately strong ocean currents and waves make it dangerous for swimming and other water sports for beginners.  Most of the time, you won’t see someone swimming in the ocean. The beach’s form is among its most amazing features. The beach is triangular in shape, which is visible from the air, and when you stand at the tip, it provides a broad view of the entire horizon.  Its expansive sand is deep and, for the most part, free of shells and dead coral, making walking on it a divine experience for your legs. For this one, you might want to put your pyjamas aside. Since no water sports or other activities are permitted at the beach, it is primarily designed for relaxation and tourism.

Explore Beach

The beach and the surrounding areas are fun to simply explore. There are a few hidden seating locations inside the nearby forests, most of which provide a distinct kind of view. The sunset is another feature that makes this beach well-known. The beach offers one of Neill Island’s best sunset vistas, which you wouldn’t want to miss, thanks to its ideal location and unimpeded view of the horizon. The area near the beach’s entrance is filled with tiny businesses, restaurants, and food stands that provide a variety of snacks and drinks. You should try one if you’re thirsty because the coconut waters served here are from plantations close to the shore.

For children

There is a lot of sand-filled terrain to cover and a lot of interesting spots to explore, which makes this place a lot of fun for kids. Unless you have an ice cream, shell searching and building sand castles are what keep kids occupied here. Keep an eye on them at all times and prevent them from entering the water.

Important Information you must Know

Important information to note for your visit to this beach includes its opening hours from 8 AM to 5 PM, with no entry fees, making it entirely free to explore. The recommended visit duration is typically around 2-3 hours in the evening. Please be aware that there are no changing rooms or bathroom facilities available at the beach. Additionally, cellular connectivity can be quite patchy, but BSNL network coverage is accessible. If you’re interested in exploring nearby attractions like the Natural Bridge, guides are available to enhance your experience.

Best time to visit

The best time to savour the beauty of Laxmanpur Beach is undeniably between 3 PM to 5:30 PM. During this window, the atmosphere exudes a delightful charm, and the brisk sea breeze adds an energetic touch. This period offers the perfect opportunity to relish the mesmerising sunset before concluding your visit. Arriving around 3 PM provides a generous 2-hour window for exploration, followed by an additional 30 minutes dedicated to capturing the picturesque sunset, allowing you to depart by 5:30 PM, just before darkness descends.

For those inclined to start their day early and wrap up the trip before the heat sets in, it’s worth noting that Laxmanpur Beach opens its shores at 8 AM, with the liveliness gradually increasing by 10 AM.

In terms of the best months for a visit, October through May emerges as the prime period. During these months, the weather is nothing short of delightful, offering a pleasant backdrop to your beach excursion. The peak tourist season, however, spans from December to February when the climate is at its most agreeable, making it an ideal time for a memorable visit to Laxmanpur Beach.

Things to do and Nearby Attractions:

Laxmanpur Beach at dusk:

A marker on the shore designates the location of the sunset point, which is on the beach’s left side. The beach is essentially formed like the point of a triangle. At this location, you may enjoy the expansive horizon and a magnificent view of the sun lowering into the water as the sky turns crimson and orange. At this location, there are lots of benches and seating shelters for a relaxing sunset viewing experience. Ensure that you arrive 15 minutes early to secure a seat because they tend to fill up quickly.

Laxmanpur Beach 2:

Due to its lively and spirited waters, Laxmanpur Beach 2, which is near Beach 1, frequently remains less crowded, which may discourage some tourists. This beach, however, is proud of its distinctive allure and is ideal for people with a spirit of daring. From here, you may go out on enthralling coastline walks and exploratory excursions that take you to the furthest reaches of the jungle that hugs the beach. It’s a great place to go if you have some additional time because it offers a different side of the natural world’s splendour to discover and enjoy.

Trek to the Natural Bride:

Laxmanpur Beach 2 is close to the Natural Bride, which is one of the region’s top tourist destinations. You walk for 500 metres along the beach, surrounded on one side by the sea’s rough waves and on the other by thick tropical vegetation. A bridge that was organically created by the passage of water and rocks will soon be in front of you. For this reason alone, lens enthusiasts adore it since it makes a perfect location for a photo session. A guide that can take you there easily can be found close to beach 2. For the travel and return, they demand INR 150.

Candid Photography:

Laxmanpur Beach’s breathtaking allure offers an unmissable chance to take beautiful shots. It is a place of breathtaking beauty, where the harmonic blending of deep blue waters, tall trees, and sparkling white dunes forms an alluring backdrop for photographers. The beach offers a wide range of stunning locations for a photoshoot, whether you’re going with family, friends, or on a romantic honeymoon break. The magnificent fallen trees on the beach’s right side, the enchanting Natural Bridge, and the arresting sunset vista from a vantage point are a few noteworthy locations. There is even the opportunity to hire a photographer here if you want to add a professional touch to your pictures, ensuring that your memories of Laxmanpur Beach are artfully preserved for posterity.

Where to Eat

The beach is surrounded by a variety of tiny stores and kiosks where you can find inexpensive snacks and drinks. Additionally, there are several benches and seating spaces where you may relax and take in the scenery while enjoying your snacks.

Laxmanpur Beach has food stands:

In addition to this, there are a few respectable eateries close to Laxmanpur Beach where you may eat a complete dinner. The Dugong Restaurant is the closest one that is reachable by foot. The freshest fish can be found at Dugong Restaurant, which also serves continental and Asian cuisines. The seafood is caught close to Neil Island’s oceans. The restaurant has a respectable meal menu and is spotless and hygienic.

Where to Stay

Being a popular destination, Neil Island’s Laxmanpur Beach offers a wide selection of lodging options to suit different tastes and price ranges. A combination of opulent and reasonably priced hotels are available among the noteworthy choices, all of which are close to the beach. The elegant Pearl Park Beach Resort, the welcoming SeaShell Samsara Resort, and beautiful Tango Beach Resort are just a few of the recognized options. Seven Seas Dream Castle offers a cost-effective substitute for people who don’t mind travelling a little further. This hotel offers a reasonable yet comfortable stay choice and is conveniently close to Beach No. 1, making it accessible for visitors looking for inexpensive accommodation while still taking in the splendor of Laxmanpur Beach and its surrounds.

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