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Vaishno Devi Temple

Vaishno Devi Temple – A Divine Pilgrimage Amidst the Majestic Himalayas

Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of the Himalayan mountains, the Vaishno Devi Temple stands as a divine abode, drawing millions of devotees and spiritual seekers from all corners of the world. This revered pilgrimage site, dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Vaishno Devi, offers a soul-stirring journey of faith, devotion, and tranquility.

The Vaishno Devi Temple is perched atop the Trikuta Hills in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is believed that seeking the blessings of the Goddess here fulfills one’s wishes and brings immense spiritual bliss. The temple complex is a harmonious blend of nature’s splendor and spiritual aura, creating a mystical ambiance that leaves visitors spellbound.

The sacred shrine of Vaishno Devi is approached by a trek of approximately 12 kilometers from the base camp at Katra. Devotees undertake this arduous journey, chanting hymns and prayers, seeking the divine blessings of the Goddess. The temple attracts millions of pilgrims every year, making it one of the most visited religious sites in India. It stands as a symbol of faith and devotion for devotees who seek solace, protection, and fulfillment of their wishes.

How To Reach Vaishno Devi Temple

The Vaishno Devi Temple is located in Katra, a small town in Jammu and Kashmir. If you’re planning to visit the temple, here are some ways to reach this sacred destination

By Air

Nearest Airport Jammu Airport (IXJ).

Flight duration from Delhi to Jammu is Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Once you reach Jammu Airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Katra, which is approximately 50 kilometers away. The road journey from Jammu to Katra takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on road conditions.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Jammu Tawi Railway Station (JAT).

Direct train connections are available from major cities like Delhi to Jammu Tawi.

After arriving at Jammu Tawi, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Katra, which is approximately 50 kilometers away. The road journey from Jammu to Katra takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on road conditions.

By Road

The distance between Delhi and Katra by road is approximately 650 to 700 kilometers, and the journey takes around 12 to 14 hours, depending on the route and road conditions.

You can either drive your own vehicle or take a bus from Delhi to Katra.

Delhi to Katra road route

Delhi – Ambala – Jalandhar – Pathankot – Jammu – Katra

Pilgrimage Journey to Vaishno Devi Temple

The pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi Temple is not merely a physical journey but also a spiritual one. Devotees undertake this sacred trek with unwavering faith and devotion. Here is a brief overview of the pilgrimage journey

Katra Base Camp

The pilgrimage starts from Katra, the base camp. Seek the blessings of the Goddess here before commencing the trek.


About 1.5 kilometers from Katra, Banganga is the first significant stop. According to the legend, the Goddess created a river here to quench her thirst.


After about 6 kilometers of trekking, you’ll reach Ardhkuwari, a holy cave where the Goddess is believed to have meditated for nine months.


Around 9.5 kilometers from Katra, Sanjichhat offers mesmerizing views of the valley. This is a popular resting point for pilgrims.


The final destination is Mata Rani Bhawan, the main temple complex located at an altitude of approximately 5,200 feet. The shrine houses three pindis (rock formations) representing the three manifestations of the Goddess – Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswati.

Bhairon Ghati

Some devotees also continue their pilgrimage to Bhairon Ghati, another temple situated about 2.5 kilometers from the main shrine.

Vaishno Devi Temple

Best Time To Visit Vaishno Devi Temple

Important Tips

Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear, as the pilgrimage involves walking uphill and navigating through uneven paths.

Carry warm clothing, especially if you plan to visit during spring or autumn, as the temperatures can drop significantly, particularly during early mornings and nights.

It is advisable to carry a walking stick to ease the journey, especially for elderly pilgrims or those with mobility issues.

Booking a Helicopter for Vaishno Devi Yatra

Planning a helicopter ride for the Vaishno Devi pilgrimage involves two main booking methods: online booking and current booking on the day of travel. Here’s a detailed guide:

1. Online Booking (Recommended)

  • Official and Secure Method: The most reliable way to book your helicopter ride is through the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board’s official website.
  • Advance Booking: Slots open 60 days in advance, and it’s crucial to book as early as possible due to high demand.
  • Registration Required: You need to create an account on the website to proceed with the booking.
  • Website: Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board

2. Current Booking (On the Day)

  • On-the-Day Tickets: Tickets are available at the Current Heli-Ticket Counter in Katra.
  • No Guarantee: This method doesn’t ensure availability, especially during peak seasons.

Important Points to Remember

  • Authorized Bookings Only: Only book through the Shrine Board to avoid scams. Beware of fake websites or unauthorized agents.
  • Fares: The one-way fare from Katra to Sanjichat (or vice versa) is approximately INR 1730 per person. Round-trip tickets cost around INR 3460.
  • Children: Children under 2 years of age can travel for free if they sit on an adult’s lap.
  • Guidelines: Check the Shrine Board website for details on weight restrictions and other important guidelines.

Additional Tips

  • Plan Ahead: Especially during peak seasons, it’s essential to plan your trip well in advance.
  • Early Booking: As soon as the booking window opens, secure your desired date online.
  • ID Proof: Carry valid identification for verification purposes.
  • Weather Conditions: Be mindful of weather conditions, as they can impact helicopter operations.

Best Places to Visit in Vaishno Devi Temple

Ardh Kuwari Cave

Located en route to the Vaishno Devi Temple, the Ardh Kuwari Cave is believed to be the place where Goddess Vaishno Devi meditated for nine months. Devotees often visit this cave, which has a narrow passage, to pay their respects to the divine mother.

Bhairavnath Temple

After visiting the Vaishno Devi Temple, many pilgrims also trek to the Bhairavnath Temple, dedicated to Bhairav Nath, an ardent devotee of Goddess Vaishno Devi. The temple is situated atop a hill with 2.5 kms distance from Mata Rani Pindi, offering magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Ban Ganga Temple

Before commencing the journey to the main temple, pilgrims take a holy dip in the Ban Ganga Temple’s sacred waters. It is believed that Goddess Vaishno Devi blessed this spot with the holy river to purify her devotees.

Charan Paduka Temple

Located at a higher altitude, the Charan Paduka Temple is a sacred spot where the imprints of Goddess Vaishno Devi’s feet are believed to be imprinted on a rock. Devotees visit this temple to seek blessings and spiritual solace.


Located around 2.5 kilometers from Adhkunwari, Himkoti offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the Trikuta Hills and the Vaishno Devi Temple

Siar Baba

Situated near the main temple, this site holds significance for devotees as it is believed that a shepherd named Siar Baba showed the way to the hidden cave of Vaishno Devi.

Things To Do in Vaishno Devi Temple


The pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi Temple involves a trek of approximately 12 kilometers from Katra to the temple. The trek offers a soulful experience, with devotees chanting hymns and seeking the blessings of the divine mother.

Helicopter Ride

For those who prefer a quicker journey, helicopter services are available from Katra to Sanjichhat, a point closer to the temple. The helicopter ride offers breathtaking aerial views of the landscape.

Bhawan Darshan

The main shrine, also known as Bhawan, is where the Goddess is believed to reside. Take some time to meditate and soak in the divine ambiance of the temple.

Attend Aarti

Witness the mesmerizing Aarti ceremony that takes place twice a day—morning and evening. The Aarti is a spiritual ritual involving the offering of lamps and prayers to the deity.

Pony or Palanquin Ride

For those who find it challenging to trek, there are options to take a pony or a palanquin ride to reach the temple. It provides a comfortable and convenient way to complete the journey.


Explore the local markets in Katra and buy souvenirs, religious items, and traditional handicrafts as a memento of your spiritual journey.


Capture the essence of your spiritual expedition through photographs that reflect the devotion, tranquility, and natural beauty of the surroundings

Important Note for Pilgrims

Before commencing your pilgrimage, register yourself at the Vaishno Devi Shrine Board’s registration counter in Katra. This registration is essential for your safety and security during the trek.

Recommended Accommodations in Katra

The White Hotels Katra – Near Banganga Road, Katra.

The Atrium on the Greens – Adjoining Shalimar Park, Katra.

Hotel Asia Vaishno Devi – Katra Reasi Road, Katra.

Ginger Hotel Katra – Opposite Katra Railway Station, Katra.

KC Residency – Jammu Road, Katra.

Hotel Devi Mahal – Kashmir Road, Katra.

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